Energy Assessment

SBEM Calculations for Non-Domestic Projects

A SBEM Calculation is used to calculate the compliance of your new build commercial property with Part L Building Regulations.

SBEM is the Simplified Building Energy Model. This is a government approved methodology which is used to calculate the energy required to heat, cool, ventilate and light a non-residential building over a 12-month period when used under ‘normal” circumstances.

The amount of carbon dioxide the building emits is also calculated, before then assigning the building a numerical rating. The lower the rating, the more energy efficient the building is deemed to be.

An SBEM calculation is a model that provides a clear picture of the energy performance and carbon emissions of your proposed building. It is a SAP calculation for a non-residential property.

SBEM uses the National Calculation Method (NCM) to calculate the proposed buildings annual energy use and can also identify ways to save money.

It also takes into account the U-Values of the building fabric/thermal elements (roofs, walls, windows), and once constructed, the air tightness of the building.

Finally, it’s an important tool in helping the Government drive down carbon dioxide emissions and achieve its specified annual carbon targets, to ensure we are making positive steps to a greener future.

Just like with a SAP calculation, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is produced


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