Energy Assessment

SAP Calculations for New Build Dwellings

Before construction can begin on a new residential property in the UK, a unique SAP Calculation must be submitted to the relevant Building Control Body (BCB). This calculation is required to ensure compliance with the stringent annual carbon emission targets and thermal performance standards outlined in Approved Document L: Volume 1 of the Building Regulations in England and Wales, as well as other relevant building standards in the UK. The SAP Calculation involves a DER/TER calculation, a DFEE/TFEE check (for England and Wales only), and a DPER & TPER check to demonstrate compliance with these standards. Upon completion of the development, a final "As Built" SAP calculation is provided for each dwelling, which is also used to generate an On-Construction Energy Performance Certificate.

Fairwood Solutions have extensive experience since 2006 in providing advice and calculations for a range of developments ranging from one-off dwellings to large estates of several hundred dwellings.


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