Energy Assessment

SAP Calculations for Extensions/Conversion

Over-glazing in the context of home extensions refers to exceeding the maximum allowed total glazed area, which is 25% of the floor area of the extension. While glazing is necessary for natural light, over-glazing can negatively impact the energy efficiency of a build. To minimize heat loss, the glazing used must meet a minimum energy rating of C.

The Building Regulations outline alternative methods to ensure compliance, and the SAP calculation will determine the CO2 emissions rate of the extension and verify that it meets necessary standards.

At Fairwood Solutions, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that over-glazing doesn't cause any issues in your build. We take care of all the technical details, so you can have peace of mind. The sooner you seek our assistance, the better results you can expect for your extension project.

Conversions/Change of Use:

If you are converting a single dwelling into self-contained flats, converting a commercial property into a dwelling, or developing a new dwelling from an existing one, you may need a Part L SAP Calculation to comply with Building Regulations.

Regardless of the size of your project, Fairwood Solutions can complete the necessary SAP Calculations to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.

A SAP Calculation is required for any new dwellings created as a result of a 'Material Change of Use' or 'Change of Energy Status.'

A material change of use occurs when a building is used for a different purpose or in different circumstances than before. Examples of material changes of use include:

  • The building being used as a dwelling when it was not previously.
  • The building now containing a flat or flats when it did not before.
  • The number of dwellings in a building being changed.

A change of energy status occurs when a previously unheated space/building is now designed to be heated. A material change of use will also likely change the energy status of a building.

Unlike typical SAP Calculations, conversion calculations in SAP do not require DER/TER (Emission Rate) calculations as compliance for energy efficiency standards is based on controlled services/fittings as well as new, replacement, or retained thermal elements.

Conversion calculations in SAP are recommended as they can produce a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) required for a new conversion.

Our expertise in SAP Calculations and Building Regulations/Standards ensures that we can handle any issues and find suitable solutions for our clients, even if the compliance requirements are stringent.

To meet compliance for conversions, we produce U-Values within our SAP Calculations to check if they meet the requirements outlined in government-provided technical booklets and approved documents. If the values are too high or do not meet the standards, we will provide advice on how to achieve them.

We also ensure that lighting levels and heating systems meet the minimum requirements and provide advice on necessary steps if they do not.


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