Energy Assessment

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) show potential home buyers or tenants how energy efficient the building is. The EPC contains information on potential energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions. A coloured chart, similar to those used on household electrical appliances, shows how energy efficient the building is or could be.

Buildings are rated from 'A' to 'G'. 'A' means the building is very efficient and is coloured green on the chart. 'G' means it is inefficient and is coloured red on the chart.

Properties with a higher rating are likely to have lower fuel bills.

EPCs are needed whenever a property is:

• built

• marketed for sale or rent

Not having an EPC could lead to enforcement action and the issuing of a penalty charge notice.

EPCs are produced using standard information about buildings. This allows prospective buyers and tenants to easily see and compare the energy efficiency of all properties they are considering. It also shows them how much it may cost to heat and light a building before they enter into a contract.

The EPC also shows how energy efficient a property could be if some improvements are carried out. These include replacing lighting with low energy bulbs or upgrading insulation.

With each EPC is a report that sets out the cost effective measures that homeowners or businesses can take to improve the energy efficiency and energy rating of their property.

If you are selling your building or renting it out to a new tenant it is your responsibility as the owner or landlord to make sure you have an EPC. Also, you need to make it available to potential buyers or tenants and you must give a copy to the new owner when you sell the building.

If you are buying or thinking of renting a property from a landlord, the EPC should be made available to you at no cost. Should you choose to buy the property, you will be given a copy by the seller that you can reuse if you sell or rent out the building within the EPC’s period of validity.

Fairwood Solutions can provide EPCs throughout West Wales and are experienced in providing advice on a range of potential improvements to ensure that your property can meet current standards.


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